Pantera Onca (panteraonca) wrote in nolongerxian,
Pantera Onca

Urrrgh. *eyetwitch* "Merry CHRISTMAS!!!!!"

My boss is normally a fairly cool person. Now and again, however, she does something that drives me completely up the wall--just like any boss, really. My problem is, more often than not, the something she does involves a subtle, or not-so-subtle, push of her religion. I had to come out as Pagan before she would stop asking me if I wanted to go to church with her on Christmas Eve or Good Friday. She knows I'm pretty tolerant of other religions, and so I guess she doesn't really grok why her actions should be so troubling to me. Call it "well-intentioned obliviousness", I guess. Anyway, she's nowhere near as obnoxious as the Jesus Freak social worker I have spoken of before.

Not normally, anyway.

But Friday...ugh. I couldn't even write about it this weekend, since a family of drama llamas seems to be visiting my home for the holidays (help, they're eating my socks!) Now, though....

I knew something was up when some sort of argument erupted just down the hall between my boss and one of the case workers, a woman of Indian descent who seems to be one of the token non Christians in the office. The argument involved the phrase "happy holidays", and I sunk down in my seat. Oh ye gods, spare me this cliched melodrama in my own fucking office!

But it was not to be.

Next thing I know, she comes over, plops her ass in my cube's other chair, sighs in that way she does when she's confiding something, and then demands, "What in the heck is wrong with saying 'Merry Christmas' instead of happy holidays?!??"

Oh brother.

Feeling entirely put on the spot, I ventured that it isn't exactly a problem unless it was pushed on people. "I'm not pushing it on people! I just want to put 'Merry Christmas' on our holiday flyers instead of this wishy-washy PC 'Happy Holidays'!"


I reminded her that not everybody is celebrating Christmas per se, and that it is rude to exclude them. Her rationale: "Nobody is excluding them! It's just that the twenty-fifth is Christmas! That's what people are celebrating in America traditionally right now. December twenty-fifth, Christmas! It's traditional! Do you see me going down to Saudi Arabia and telling them to stop celebrating Ramadan because it's not inclusive? When foreigners come here from other countries, they shouldn't expect us to change our traditions!"

I opened my mouth to tell her that 1. Not everyone feeling left out is a "foreigner" (I'm not, my Jewish coworker sure isn't, etc.; we're as American as she is); 2. It's not going to peel the skin off her ass to use neutral language in a GOVERNMENT OFFICE BULLETIN, and 3. The whole conversation was inappropriate to be having at work.

But then, knowing I couldn't get through her blindness and naturally worried about the consequences of pissing off the boss, I relented. I didn't tell her it was OK, but I didn't correct her, either.

Gads, but I feel steamrollered. What the fuck WAS that? Who are all these crazy people who just can't handle the fact that Jesus is not in fact the reason for everyone's season? What the fuck is their problem?

I need a long shower just thinking about this. It is as if Christians in this country have gotten so bloody used to getting their way that the MOST INSIGNIFICANT attempt to get them to give up their cultural stranglehold and include others is seen as an attack. It's privilege, it's rotten to the core, and they don't even see how they're pushing others out by clinging to it.

And if we say anything, we're reduced to quibbling over minutiae ourselves. Getting slapped with the "PC" accusation particularly stung.

I swear, from now on, everyone is getting "Happy Yule!" from me.

Fuck Christmas.
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