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An ARGGGGH from your Mod....

The anonytrolls haven't been trying anything here for a while. They're going absolutely bug-nuts attacking us over at, which has driven me to not even log on for months. But they haven't hit again here.

Instead, the filthy bastards have been posting to MY Livejournal. Anonymously. I'm so glad I screen my comments.

The latest just popped up uninvited in response to my old rant (crossposted here) re my boss's Christmas-versus-holidays obsession. I'd just spent about a hundred lines bitching about the uninvited imposition of Christian bullshit in my life, and what does some passing Jesus freak do? Inject a bit more!

Remember Jesus loves you even if you don't love him!

I WISH these cowardly tits would at least have the courage to leave at least a real screenname, so that I can give them the new-asshole-tearing they so thoroughly deserve. GAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Jesus loves youuuuuu!" No, bitch, if Jesus were real and cared for me he would have said something when I begged him to back as a "true believer" kid. He's mortal, he's dead, and your god's a myth. Fuck OFF!
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