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HOMG. Thank Bob my mom is my mom.

I just watched Trading Spouses. It was kinda really cool, because one of the families they had was pagan. They had a Solstice ritual in the yard with all kinds of people...

But the other family was Christian. Which, the family was all right. But the mother, HOMG. She was sent to the Pagan household and bitched and screamed and rebuked and prayed the entire time. She only ever did what *she* wanted to do, and ended up dragging them all to church. I think they humored her just to shut her up.

We're talking rabid rabid rabid fundie. When she finally got home, she decided that her house had been tainted with "dark stuff", because of the Pagan mother just having been there.

The show concludes with each family getting $50k, and the other mother writes a letter telling how they would like the family to spend it. Rabid Fundie Mom took the letter and tore it up, because it was tainted. She refused to even read it. She refused to take the money. From the moment she got home until the show ended, she screamed at her family and at the film crew and at God...

I am so thankful my mom isn't like that.

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