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What do you guys think of the movie "The Ten Commandments"?

I was watching it (well parts of it) with my family for the first time since I denounced my Christianity and started actually researching religions, and I have to admit it's a beautiful, theatric piece...but it frightens me that some people put it on par with historic documentaries. Kind of like some did with the Titanic movie. *shudder*

For the first time ever, this movie really made me sad, and I felt so alone. I was like, "You poor Egyptians! Everybody thinks your awful tyrannic Satanists because of the way Hollywood portrayed you!! Your old gods are getting such backlash from a movie!!"

It was almost like somebody had come up to my face to tell me, "You're wrong! The old gods were only pieces of gold and marble! You are demonic filth who will never see the light." The part about this is if that had actually been the case, I don't feel any of my family would have supported me. I mean , I'm a storyteller myself, and when you want to make an interesting story out of real life, you HAVE to change it somehow to make it more powerful, so I understand...but...well...it worked O.o

Sorry this turned into a huge spiel, I'm just avoiding doing any work before school starts *snrrk*. And this is one of the first times I actually experienced pain for changing my religion, so all this stuff just came flooding out. I didn't think it could hurt to just stop being Christian if you chose it of your own free will without any tragedy to push it, but...well, I've been disproven, I guess!

I'm a white upper-mid-class female in a (supposedly) Christian family. I've NEVER been a minority before. This is hard to get used to. ;_;
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