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Incredible Documentary!

        I nipped this link from nebris.    It is a documentary on Christianity put together by an ex-Christian.   Lots of very important and persuasive facts.    If you have any relatives who keep trying to push literal belief in Christian mythology down your throat, sending them this link would be a fantastic Christmas gift for them.   Of course, they may not talk to you ever again, but that might not be such a bad thing, now would it?

        The movie loads real slow and stops a lot.    I hit pause and did chores in the kitchen for an hour, then the movie played just fine.    Very well put together.    Loads of hard facts.   Lots of interviews with both people who have literal belief, and with people who feel Christianity is a mythology no different than other mythologies.     Scary to me how many people have literal belief in Christianity.   Scarier still is their belief that everyone else is DOOMED.
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