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Early Questioning of Religious Beliefs

        Back when I was in college, I had not yet begun to seriously question my Catholic religious upbringing. I knew a Catholic gal who was very much into ecumenical services, bringing together people of different religions to worship together.   She had a close friend who was the daughter of the rabbi chaplain on campus. She took the Jewish friend to a catholic mass, and whispered to her during the mass, explaining what was going on.   She felt that if she got the rabbi's daughter interested in Eccumenicalism, maybe she could talk to her Dad about looking into the movement.

        All was fine, up until the Consecration of the Mass.  When she explained how consecration turned the bread & wine into "the Body and Blood of Christ", the Jewish gal started to get squeamish.   Then when the priest chomped down on the host, later in the mass, the Jewish gal burst out with "EEEWWWW!  He's eating his God!" and ran out of church.   

        I had never quite looked at it in quite that way before.   It never ceases to amaze me how much the obvious can be overlooked.   Childhood indoctrination really puts the blinders on.   I did not stop going to mass right away, but the events I outlined above stayed in my mind, and I began finding more and more reasons to question what I had been taught to accept without question.

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