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No Longer Xian

A support group for ex-Christians still healing from their experience.

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This group was created to offer support, encouragement, a listening ear, a place to vent/grieve/snark, and whatever else ex-Christians need to help them with their recovery. I'm hoping it will help counteract some of the self-esteem-destroying crap ex-Christian LJers get spewed at them by members of their former faith.

Christians, FOR FREAKING SAKE, TAKE NOTE ALREADY. We're not interested in your attempts to "defend" your faith or "win us back for Jesus". We have already given your religion a try, it didn't work for us, and we're not obligated to justify our reasons--or ourselves--to you. If I catch someone attempting to "defend" Christianity on this list, or worse yet "witnessing", they can look forward to a public verbal barbecue and banning.

So far, we've gotten over half a dozen anonymous Christian trolls who apparently missed the fact that I SCREEN COMMENTS AND LOG IPs, and har_megiddo , who seemed to think "correcting our misconceptions about Christianity" was OK in spite of the above disclaimer. He has been banned, as promised, and made an example of, as promised. Any other idiots who want to troll here will get the same treatment.

Your Mod,